Saima Asghar


Saima Asghar - 13 September 2023

(IMPACTS & PREVENTION OF SUBSTANCE USE AMONG YOUTH Anti-Drug Poster Competition & Cultural Show)

Organized By ISSUP PAKISTAN with Collaboration of QUAID-E-AZAM UNIVERISTY, on Dated 6th July, 2023 at ISLAMABD-Pakistan



4thNational Youth Convention was scheduled on July, 6, 2023.

ISSUP Pakistan Chapter Organized National Youth convention would be organized in collaboration with National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-e-Azam university Islamabad, Subhan Medical Centre Trust and Irada Clinic at the Earth Sciences Auditorium, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

This Year, 2023 ISSUP Pakistan had collaboration with National Institute of Psychology/Quaid-e-Azam university is one of the largest and top ranked university, situated in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan.


Vision National Youth Convention:

National Youth Convention (NYC) is one of the biggest Youth development programs for Pakistani youth. Every year youngsters from all over Pakistan participated in this convention.


Aims and Objectives:

aims to connect young people from all across the country and empower them to become active in their educational institutes, communities and youth groups for substance use prevention and health promotion. It provides a platform for youth to share their experiences, ideas and creativity, and to get support for creating their own substance use prevention and health promotion activities.

ISSUP Pakistan committed to empowering youth and ensuring youth engagement at all levels. In the context of substance use prevention, Youth Initiative provides youth with possibilities to participate and become active members of a community of young people committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of their peers.

Background National Youth Convention:

Since 219, ISSUP-Pakistan chapter is organizing National Youth Convention (NYC) in collaboration with different universities and organizations in which youth from all over Pakistan participates.

They interact with each other and engage in efficient learning activities that facilitate their knowledge of indispensable skills.

They are also equipped with vital knowledge and enhance their leadership Skills by getting interaction with social leadership and learn about social issues and identify their role as Youth leader to work in community development.

The theme for the 4th National youth convention, 2023 is, Impacts and prevention of Substance use among Youth We are expecting that more than 500 youngster from all over the Pakistan to attend this annual event/convention.

Different activities like, poster competitions, speeches, lectures and panel discussion would be included in this program. Other than youngsters, stakeholders, govt officials, community workers, researchers, academicians and other expert from the field will be the part of this convention.

Anti-Drug Poster Competition & Cultural Show
06 July
, 2023


The main objectives of the 4th National Youth Convention (NYC) are, To build capacity of the youth to work with community to promote health, quality-of-life and psycho-logical well-being.  

To empower youth by creating a new force of volunteers and active citizens who could assist organizations, movements and whole communities in positive social change.

To ensure access for all youth to all types of education, wherever appropriate, providing alternative learning structures, ensure that education reflects the economic and social needs of youth.

The 4th National Youth Convention– Impacts & Prevention of Substance Use Among Youth was organized by the International Society of Substance Use Professionals Pakistan (ISSUP Pakistan)  and the National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad in collaboration with Subhan Medical Centre Trust (SMCT), the Institute of Rehabilitation and Drug Addiction (IRADA), and on 6th July, 2023 at the Earth Sciences Auditorium, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

The event comprised of multiple activities including speeches, presentations, a panel discussion, an anti-drug poster display/competition, and performances by ISSUP Pakistan’s Team and NIP students that included live singing, a skit highlighting the negative impact of substance use, and a cultural show.

Event Coordinators: Mr. Shafique, Ms. Saima Asghar, Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad, Ms. Irum Naqwi, Mr. Tahir Nawaz

The convention was jointly hosted by Dr. Humaira Jami (Assistant Prof. NIP) and Mr. Waseem Hassan (A renowned Anchor Person). 

The inaugural session of the event formally started with the recitation from the Holy Quran followed by a Naat, and the National Anthem.


Ms. Saima Asghar, (Director ISSUP, Pakistan) warmly welcomed all the guest and attendees provided a detailed introduction of ISSUP Global and ISSUP Pakistan organization, highlighted the activities of ISSUP Pakistan and shared how it is battling the devastating impact of substance use, empowering individuals with resources and support to reclaim their lives. She further share the about ISSUP website how to sign up and apply for free membership and avail wealth of resources to learn and enjoy. 


Prof. Dr. Rubina Hanif (Director NIP) also welcomed the ISSUP Team and Guests and well appreciated ISSUP Pakistan and expressed NIP’s commitment to combatting substance use with ISSUP Pakistan and choose their respective institute for this event. In her speech, she highlighted the institute’s pivotal role in research, education, and community outreach programs to prevent, treat, and support individuals affected by substance use.


Dr. Naeem Aslam (Assistant Prof. from NIP/Clinical Psychologist) shared statistics on drug use in Pakistan and discussed the negative impacts of various drugs.


Mr. Muhammad Aslam (Executive Member of ISSUP Pakistan Chapter) delivered a very interesting presentation on how drug is robbing the potential, shattering dreams, and casting a dark shadow over the future of our society. The chief guest of the inaugural ceremony,


Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Muhammad (HOD, Department of Earth Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad), in his speech appreciated the effort of ISSUP Pakistan and all the convention organizers for highlighting the issue of substance abuse as it needs immediate action on part of all the stake holders to  save the future generations from this menace.


After tea break,

The panel discussion was initiated by Dr Ayesha Zubair (Assistant Prof. from NIP) who introduced the panel that consisted of Dr. Syed Azhar Ali Kazmi (Executive Member ISSUP Pakistan and HOD Psychiatry Department Poonch Medical Collage, Rawalakot), Mr. Farman Ahmed Turi (Rehab representative,  Psychaid Rehab), Dr. Uzma Masroor (Shifa Tameer Millat University), and Dr. Sajid Alyana (Executive Member ISSUP Pakistan and Assistant Professor National Institute of Medical Sciences/ University, Islamabad). Based upon his work experience,

Dr. Syed Azhar Ali Kazmi shared how personality and drug addiction are connected. He emphasized the significance of recognizing the specific personality traits that make young people susceptible to drug abuse and how to use this information in a positive direction. Mr. Farman Ahmed Turi shared compelling insights regarding the crucial role of rehabilitation and psychologists in addressing the challenges of drug addiction. Dr. Uzma Masroor emphasized the need for psychologists to increase their visibility in combating drug addiction. She highlighted barriers such as financial burdens, social stigma, lack of trainer skills, and difficulties in maintaining follow-up with patients, which hinder their effectiveness in this context. Dr. Sajid Alyana highlighted the reasons for drug prevention failures in our society, including resource dependency, disoriented research, and insufficient outreach and commitment to preventive efforts and how they contribute to ineffective outcomes in combating substance use. Overall the panel concluded their discussion by emphasizing the importance of incorporating adaptive activities, sports, and engaging pursuits to positively channel the energy of the youth. 

The panel discussion was followed by three lectures. The first lecture was delivered by


Mr. Muhammad Shafiq (Director ISSUP Pakistan Chapter, President SMCT) who highlighted the stigmatization of rehab centers in our community. And shared in depth the challenges of Rehab Cnetres ,

Dr. Rabia Hanif from Ripah University discussed psychosocial determinants and coping mechanisms that can used to deal with Substance Use & Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). Last but not the least;

Mr. Jamal Shah: Renowned Social activist, Current Federal Minister of National Heritage and Culture of Pakistan and (renowned PTV artist and owner of Hunarkada, Islamabad) talked about the role of youth in bringing a positive change in the country in his lecture.


The live musical Performance, skit and Cultural Show by the students which infused the event with an electrifying energy and provided the much-needed entertainment towards the end of the the aim of this activity was also to highlight the culture Pakistan province vise.

Later on prize winners were announced by;

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad (Director ISSUP Pakistan Chapter) and Dr. Irum Naqvi (Assistant Prof. NIP) for an anti-drug poster competition that had been on display at the venue throughout the day and announcements after getting result from the judiciary of poster competition for winner and runner-up too and awarded shields and cash prizes and certificate of participation.

Closing Ceremony:  ceremony was also held and certification of application & participation, Shields were also presented to guests and all the participants.

The convention concluded with a note of thanks by

Mr. Tahir Nawaz (CEO IRADA Rehab), Ms. Saima Asghar Director ISSUP Pakistan Chapter and Prof. Dr. Rubina Hanif’s (Director, NIP) heartfelt gratitude to all guests, attendees and organizers. On this occasion, Prof. Dr. Rubina Hanif emphasized upon the implementation of practical steps for the prevention and treatment of substance use thus inspiring a collective commitment for positive change.


Refreshment: Lunch Buffet was also served to all.