James Harvey

Intention to expand ISSUP India National Chapter

Shared by James Harvey (ISSUP staff) - 8 November 2023
Originally posted by James Harvey (ISSUP staff) - 8 November 2023

The International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP) National Chapter in India is looking for partner organisations in India.

The prospective organisations will be supporting the existing ISSUP National Chapter to build and strengthen the network of drug demand reduction professionals in India. The organizations should also have the capacity to operate in English.

Any non-governmental organisation, civil society group or other party interested in undertaking this proposed development should contact ISSUP for further information about ISSUP’s National Chapters and the application process.

Deadline for any notification is: 24th January 2024

Please contact us with statements of interest by email at: nationalchapter [at] issup [dot] net