Prof Dr Kamal Krishna Banik MD Pharm.D PhD DSc

ABCD THEORY: Adolescents Brain And Cognitive Development

Prof Dr Kamal Krishna Banik MD Pharm.D PhD DSc - 7 December 2023
I Am Born For The Sake of Others

"We Are Fighting Against SA, SUD DUDs, AUD, MOUD And CUD Thru G-20 IEC And CST Division For Mankind, Universal Human Values And Humanitarian Assistance Humanity Association And Association of iDeas Holy Health Mission Banik MediKlinik To Save The Childrens, Adolescents And Youths To Prevent Domestic Violence And To Protect Them From The Suicidal Tendency Thoughts And iDeas By Rescuing From The Miserable Conditions  (Counselling, Group Discussion And Awareness Expedition)  Let's Fight Gambling Addictions World-Wide For Drugs Free Environment" 

Prof Dr Banik Consultant Physician Nutritionist Psychopharmacologist And Neuropsychiatrist Fellowship WHO GOI Ex External Monitor National Polio Surveillance Project WHO GOI Award Winner Rotary International Dist 3290-91 Professional Member of ICUDDR Life Member of Indian Red Cross Society Signed By Ex Union Health Minister Government of India 





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