Ahmad Shah

UPC Coordinator's Series - Introduction to Prevention Science 28 January - 1 February 2019, Islamabad, Pakistan

Ahmad Shah - 14 February 2019

Did you know that U.S. Department of State: Bureau of Intl Narcotics & Law Enforcement (INL) fights drugs worldwide through #publichealth-focused demand reduction, such as this #drugprevention effort in Pakistan, as well as through supply side work? Reducing demand by improving #drugtreatment & prevention = key to stopping trafficking & #addiction!

Strengthening capacity for evidence based #drugprevention in Pakistan! UNODC Pakistan_PTRS Just concluded a week long training on Universal Prevention Curriculum (UPC1). Thanks to the support of @StateINL Pakistan @UNODCPakistan UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime