Contemporary Asian Drug Policy: Insights and Opportunities for Change

Countries in Asia have typically addressed illicit drug supply and use with harsh punishments, including compulsory treatment and the death penalty. The region has long espoused the goal of creating a drug-free society, a goal that has been abandoned in other parts of the globe for being infeasible. Like many other places in the world, there are emerging discussions in Asia about policies to reduce drug use and trafficking.

This report aims to help inform policymakers and the public by describing the illicit drug situation for selected Association of Southeast Asian Nations + 3 countries (China, Japan, and South Korea). The authors present three case studies related to the shifting drug and drug policy landscape in Asia:

(1) the crackdown on drug users and sellers in the Philippines,

(2) Thailand’s shift from a similar crackdown toward an alternative approach of reducing criminal sanctions for drug use and im

proving access to medication treatment and needle exchange, and

(3) China’s emergence as a major source of many new chemical precursors and drugs that are exported outside Asia.

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Monthly Newsletter March - 2019:
During this month, Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF) had organized mentorship sessions
for the members of music and drama society in University of Education Township and bank

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Drug abuse affects all societies worldwide, but the impact differs in male and female. Women and girls comprise ⅓ of global drug users yet are only ⅕ of those receiving treatment.

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How to apply: Submit the story of the nominee by the nominator with relevant proof of works at iyc [dot] youthenvoy [at] iyc-hq [dot] org

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Glimpses from 2nd Promotion of Peace workshop at University of Education, Bank Road Campus held from 18th to 20th Feb, 2019. During 3 days participants were engaged and empowered of peace activities, role of students in peace building and designing Social Action Projects.

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Greetings. Happy to share an exciting opportunity as the brief details are given below:

PUAN Call for Nominations Everest International Model UN Conference 
July 15-19, 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal 


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Dear Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network Members,

We would like to thank everyone who applied for Executive Committee. We had only 16 slots for this EC term and we received more than 26 applications. Yet, we have kept people from different programs of U.S. Department of State.

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Scientific exchange and international dialogue is taking place in August 2019 in Alpenbach, Austria.

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Call for Applications University of Ghana School of Public Health WHO HRP Alliance Postgraduate Scholarship 2019/2020

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“Fetal Alcohol to Alcoholism Spectrum Disease, Narcotics Drug & Psychotropic Substances Abuse Inpatient / Intensive Outpatient Detox & Rehab Houses (Karachi | Multan | Lahore | Islamabad), Addiction Denial Behaviors Counseling For Change, Effects of Ser