Ahmad Shah

Mr. Ahmad Shah Approved Executive Committee Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network Karachi Chapter Pakistan

Ahmad Shah - 26 February 2019

Dear Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network Members,

We would like to thank everyone who applied for Executive Committee. We had only 16 slots for this EC term and we received more than 26 applications. Yet, we have kept people from different programs of U.S. Department of State.

Here, is the list of selected EC members for this term. I would like to congratulate each and everyone by PUAN Leadership and hope that your participation would benefit PUAN - Karachi Chapter.

1- Mr. Ejaz Shamsher - English Works
2- Mr. Faisal Malik - International Fellowship Mentoring Program JF Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts
3- Ms. Sadia Rana - PELI
4- Ms. Ambar Naz - Access Teacher Training Almaty- Kazakhistan 
5- Ms. Alysha Si - The Emerging Film Makers Program Humpty Dumpty Institute 
6- Mr. Ahmad Shah - Emerging Leaders Program
7- Mr. Sunder Kanwal - CCIP
8- Mr. Sohail Khan - Access Alumni 
9- Ms. Quratulain Hussain - E Teacher Plus Program
10- Ms. Fizza Khan - Emerging Leaders Program
11- Mr. Hashir Maqsood - YES 
12- Ms. Nadia Patel Ganjee - Founder Sheops
13- Ms. Kami Sid - Activist
14- Mr. Mushtaq Sarki - Journalist
15- Mr. Yousif Qatib 
16- Ms Kiran Rajput - Global UGRAD