Ahmad Shah

Meeting with Country Public Affairs Officer U.S. Embassy Pakistan Mr. Chris Fitzgerald

Ahmad Shah - 30 April 2019

On April 29th 2019, at DHA Golf Club a dinner was hosted by Dr. Farhan Essa on request of PUAN Karachi Leadership for Minister for Public Affairs to Pakistan Mr. Chris Fitzgerald, visiting Karachi from Islamabad for the first time. The purpose of the meet up was to arrange a networking opportunity for all Executive Committee Members, Fulbright Leadership and PUAN Karachi Leadership to meet Chris, talk about plans regarding Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network  Karachi,Pakistan for future collaborations and ideas, grants etc.

I shared my story with Country Public Affairs Officer U.S. Embassy Pakistan Mr. Chris Fitzgerald,  how INL-U.S. Department of State funded program changed my life .

My journey started from the 6th Asian Youth Congress held in Bali, Indonesia in 2008. The Youth Congress was organized by Colombo Plan and supported by INL, U.S Department of State. This was a major breakthrough in my career from where I channelized my motivation and activities in the field of Substance Use  Prevention & Youth empowerment . Having the support of INL, US Department of State and Colombo Plan I have been to different countries, and engaged with different  youth empowerment and drug prevention programs, mainly in: Pakistan, USA, Turkey, Indonesia, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh , Sri Lanka, Turkey and Kenya.

Currently, Daily job as a  Youth Program Manager  for Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF). At DFPF, I am also lead one the biggest youth development project Pakistan Youth Congress (PYC). Along with my daily Job, working as an Exchange Ambassador with U.S. Embassy Pakistan. Moreover, I have also been supervising my own small projects (in the field of drug prevention) with USEFP and AKDN etc.

As a souvenir Mr. Chris was presented with Sindhi Ajrak and Topi. PUAN Karachi Leadership is thankful to our host for arranging a memorable evening for PUAN Leadership, EC members and U.S Embassy and Consulate Officials.