International Workshop on Drug Prevention in School


International Workshop on Drug Prevention in School

Freemind and ISSUP Brazil cordially invite you to the International Workshop on Drug Prevention in School

29 June to 29 August 2020

This workshop will help participants to develop activities and practical interventions that can prevent the harmful use of legal and illegal drugs in schools, based on scientific evidence and the reality of the school and its region. The program is made-up of eight video classes:

  1. Introductory activity and training introduction
  2. Basic notions of prevention science and practice
  3. Basics of school prevention
  4. Examples of good/best practices
  5. Environmental prevention strategies
  6. Socio-emotional learning
  7. Prevention structure at school
  8. Monitoring and evaluation

Exercises will be included to increase knowledge and develop skills.

On the 22nd of August a 3 hour video conference will be held so that participants can interact with trainers.


Sanela Talić, Director of prevention programs, Utrip

Matej Košir, Director, Utrip

Dr. João Paulo Becker Lotufo, Ph.D in Pediatrics, University of Sao Paulo

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Important registration information:

  •  USD 75 attendance fee
  •  Registrations until 31 July, 2020
  •  Freemind members receive a 50% discount
  •  To participate you need to join ISSUP Brasil

To book your place please contact: cursos [at] issupbrasil [dot] com [dot] br or telephone +55 (19) 99793-0240

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