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Medical Council on Alcohol: Alcohol and Covid Webinar 2020


As we enter the 2nd wave of the Covid pandemic, alcohol is much in the news. The relationship between alcohol and Covid is multi-faceted. There is evidence that alcohol consumption has increased during lockdown, as have mental health problems. Access to services has been impacted. Alcohol consumption may also increase the risk of infection, for instance by causing disinhibition and reduced social distancing.  

Alcohol, Neurobiology & Mental Capacity


Neurobiology is the study of the nervous system. It combines physiology, anatomy, molecular biology, developmental biology, cytology, mathematical modelling, and psychology to understand the fundamental and emergent properties of neurons and neural circuits.

This aids the understanding of the biological basis of learning, memory, behaviour, perception, and consciousness.

Alcohol Change UK Free Webinars

Alcohol Change UK, in partnership with SMMGP and fdap, are running a series of free webinars as part of Alcohol Change UK's Safeguarding Vulnerable Drinkers' Project. Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and Mental Capacity - Dr Raja Mukherjee 12th November 2pm More information Lessons from Safeguarding Adult Reviews - Professor Michael Preston-Shoot 19th November 1pm More information Alcohol, Neurobiology & Mental Capacity - Dr. Stefania Bonaccorso 26th November 2pm More information Alcohol Related Brain Damage and

Stigma Online Learning

CCSA is addressing the stigma surrounding substance use through online learning. CCSA have developed an introductory learning module as the first in a planned series of modules on the topic of stigma and substance use. These modules are developed with the needs of both the general public and professional audiences in mind. The first module, The Sting of Stigma, will introduce you to the concept of stigma, and explain why it is harmful and what