Becoming an Education Provider: Application Procedure

Institutions wishing to become Education Providers from around the world are welcome to apply to the coordinator in their region, listed below. These institutions, primarily government agencies, Universities, and other appropriate organisations will be trained in disseminating the curriculum over the coming years.

Current Coordinators of UPC and UTC Education Provider Status

Global Coordinator

Brian Morales, Division Director
Global Drug Demand Reduction Programs
Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
U.S. Department of State

demandreduction [at] state [dot] gov

North America


Richard Spoth, Director
Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute
Iowa State University

rlspoth [at] iastate [dot] edu and demandreduction [at] state [dot] gov


Roger Peters, Director
UTC Coordinating Center for North American Universities
University of South Florida

rhp [at] usf [dot] edu and demandreduction [at] state [dot] gov

Latin America and the Caribbean

Alexandra Hill, Chief
Drug Demand Reduction
Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD)
Organization of American States

ahill [at] oas [dot] org and demandreduction [at] state [dot] gov


Michal Miovsky, Head
Department of Addictology
1st Faculty of Medicine
Charles University in Prague

mmiovsky [at] adiktologie [dot] cz and demandreduction [at] state [dot] gov


George Murimi, Africa Project Manager
Drug Advisory Programme (DAP)
The Colombo Plan

george [dot] murimi [at] colomboplan [dot] org and demandreduction [at] state [dot] gov

Asia and Oceania

Cindy Biding, Asia/Oceania Project Manager
Drug Advisory Programme (DAP)
The Colombo Plan

cindy [dot] biding [at] colomboplan [dot] org and demandreduction [at] state [dot] gov