UTC 81: The Alternatives To Incarceration (ATI)

Training Hours
13 training hours

The Alternatives To Incarceration (ATI) training and technical assistance program was developed in order to stimulate systems change through the use of treatment in the rehabilitation of individuals with substance use disorders whose criminal activity is related to that disorder. The overall goal is to train national policy makers to employ alternatives to incarceration across the criminal justice system for individuals identified with substance use disorders.

ATI constitutes an innovative treatment model that focuses on the effectiveness of reducing the risk of criminal recidivism, providing effective treatment of problematic drug use and assuring adequate social integration. It is based on the conviction that while models of treatment and rehabilitation of drug users who have committed a crime can be carried out within the prison system, ATI provides a more effective alternative to the individual. It increases treatment opportunities in the community for people with substance use disorders under the jurisdiction of the justice system who can safely receive this intervention without the need for incarceration. In doing so, ATI supports recovery and social integration of the individual and promotes the overall health and safety of the community.

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