The Global Centre for Credentialing and Certification (GCCC)

Establishing and increasing professionalism in the fields of substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery support is similar to other health fields of practice. It requires standards, training to support the standards, and testing to ensure appropriate knowledge and competency of service modalities. The Global Centre for Credentialing and Certification (GCCC), formerly known as the International Centre for Credentialing and Education of Addiction Professionals (ICCE), was established in 2009 in response to the long-standing global crisis of inadequate evidence-based programmes and the dearth of trained addiction professionals. The Colombo Plan, under their Drug Advisory Programme (DAP), embarked on this new initiative to develop, expand, and professionalise the field of drug demand reduction as an integral part of the global initiative funded by the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), US Department of State. With a mission to train and credential individuals, GCCC plays its part in the overall goal to professionalise and expand the drug demand reduction workforce. To carry out that mission GCCC has three main functions:

  1. Curriculum development and updates in collaboration with field experts

  2. Training in collaboration with UNODC, OAS/CICAD, Governments, and other Education Providers

  3. Credentialing individuals with standardised exams and work experience

UPC School and Family Pilot Examination

The Global Centre for Credentialing and Certification (GCCC) is looking for volunteers to participate in the pilot testing of the ICAP examination for School and Family Prevention.

Partner Profile GCCC

Presented as part of the Uniting the global community to face the challenge of addiction event, online, on 18th May, 2022 Abstract: Partner Profile GCCC Partner Profiles Our partners introduce their missions, programs, and resources to...

Ecolink Alumnis honor Global Trainers on Intl Women's Day

Ecolink Alumnis honor global trainers as outstanding Women of the Year on Women’s day. Mangalore, India: Ecolink Alumni Association with over 200 students from 18 countries honored its Master trainers who trained over 250 addiction...
Dr.Thirumagal V is being honored with "Woman of Excellence Award" by Ecolink Alumni Association.

GCCC Website Launch

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GCCC is excited  to officially launch its website on live broadcast through Facebook Live on 

International Certified Addiction Professional (ICAP) Webinar

Video and audio recordings
Do you want the substance use professionals in your area to receive the International Certified Addiction Professional (ICAP) credential? This webinar discusses how you can host testing for the ICAP certificates at your University. In this...