Summer Institute on Addiction

Amsterdam, Netherlands,

As our hyper-globalized world brings people, substances, ideas, and potential sources of addiction closer together than ever, researchers, care providers, academics and professionals need to look at addiction studies in a new, dynamic light.

This two-week Summer Institute seeks to provide an interdisciplinary approach and lens to the study of addiction.

The programme is built around four themes:

An Evening with Professor Carl Hart from Columbia University, New York City


Scotland’s new drug strategy says that ‘there is a need (to) examine the links between the law relating to illegal drugs, and the prevention and treatment of drug harm’.

What if drug policy were shaped by science?

Scottish Drugs Forum has asked Professor Hart to envision a drug policy based not on beliefs and stigma; nor on moralising and media outrage but in what can be proved to be true.

A Protocol for a Tobacco Free Detox Unit


Though it has become mandatory for public health facilities to become smoke-free it has been difficult to implement this policy in particular in detox, drug and alcohol units and mental health units.

Particularly complex in-patients in detox units have smoking patients objecting to a smoke free environment, commonly flout regulations, become argumentative and often self-discharge. 

Drink and Drugs News Conference 2019

Birmingham, United Kingdom,

This event will continue to bring service user representatives, patient groups, treatment providers, members of the recovery community and policymakers together to strive to increase patient choice and provide better, fairer treatment for all.

Youth Drinking in Decline

Krakow, Poland,

Youth alcohol consumption is declining across most high-income nations, often alongside concurrent decreases in drug use and smoking. Researchers are increasingly focusing on the nature and underlying reasons for this decline.

The Kettil Bruun Society is holding a thematic meeting to discuss the nature of these trends.

The programme will be organised around the following themes: