Webinar: Nursing Regulatory Boards' Efforts to Provide Guidance to Nurses About Mitigating Prescription Medication Abuse/Diversion

Overland Park, United States,
webinar ASPMN®

Acknowledging the integral role of nurses in quality health care, the presenters will describe the extent that nursing regulatory authorities in each state are now communicating methods for their licensees to use to reduce the potential for medication abuse or diversion. The categories and frequencies of all available types of information will be reviewed, and available resources will be identified to help nurses take advantage of these resources. Quality indicators and metrics for benchmarking competencies to reduce harms also will be ascertained. Suggestions for outcomes assessment and additional regulatory efforts to parlay success will be announced.

Learning Objectives:​

  • Identify the number of state nursing board websites that have content related to reducing abuse or diversion 
  • Describe the variety or methods offered to reduce abuse or diversion 
  • Compare the extent that state nursing board websites differ in the content provided for reducing abuse or diversion
  • Assess the use of quality indicators/metrics to benchmark competencies in reducing abuse or diversion
  • Recommend ways to improve efforts to reduce abuse or diversion​

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