Webinar: The risks of marijuana use and emerging tobacco products in adolescence

The risks of marijuana use and emerging tobacco products during adolescence will be the subject of the next webinar of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM). Next Friday, August 28, the eveof The National Day to Combat Smoking, the event will be held through the CFM YouTube channel, promoting an online debate. The meeting will target doctors and lawyers. Organized by the Cfm's Lawful and Ilic drug control commission, the webinar will also discuss the

COVID-19 and the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders: International and Local Perspectives

South Africa, South Africa,

COVID-19, along with the associated restrictions, has and continues to impact on the access to and provision of health care services. This talk hones in on the impact of services for substance use disorders, presenting new insights arising from current research. Hosted by the South Africa HIV Addiciton Technology Transfer Centre (UCT Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health), and SANCA National.