International Cannabis Toolkit Workshop 2019

Lisbon, Portugal,

The International Cannabis Toolkit Workshop 2019 will take place on 22nd October 2019 in Lisbon as a side event of the Lisbon Addictions conference (23rd – 25th October 2019).

Cannabis products continue to diversify as legal medical and recreational markets expand worldwide. These products vary considerably in THC and CBD concentrations, methods of administration and across different countries. A key problem facing the field is the lack of standardized, validated measures of cannabis use. This severely limits our ability to synthesize findings across research studies, to develop guidelines and policies for safer use, and to manage cannabis in treatment settings.

The International Cannabis Toolkit Workshop brings together an interdisciplinary panel of experts from distinct world regions alongside Lisbon Addictions 2019.

The key aims of the workshop are:

  • Identify and disseminate key challenges in measuring cannabis use from an international and multidisciplinary perspective
  • Launch the development of an International Cannabis Toolkit a standardized, internationally relevant tool for measuring cannabis use in research and clinical settings

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