19th World Congress on Clinical Pediatrics

Prague, Czechia,

The Clinical Pediatrics Congress 2020 will take place on April 27-28, 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Clinical Pediatrics Congress 2020 is an international platform which is set to discuss the recent approaches and challenges faced in relevant to child health care and medicine.

 Clinical Pediatrics Congress 2020 aims to nurture and conduct interdisciplinary research in Pediatrics and neonatology. This conference is a unique chance for you to meet Researchers, Industrialists, delegates, speakers who are at the forefront of their field and to improve your strategy for the development of innovative ideas that will be vital for the children’s of tomorrow.

The conference is an exciting opportunity to exchange innovative ideas between different research fields and to expose and discuss inventive theories, frameworks, methodologies, tools, and applications.

The main theme of the conference is "Promoting childcare practices and enhancing lifelong health for the neonates & paediatrics".

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