Association between Substance Use and Personality among Mexico City’s School Children Aged 10-13

Maldonado, M. T. S., Natera-Rey, G., & Lozada, C. E. C. (2019). Association between substance use and personality among school children aged 10-13. Revista Internacional de Investigación en Adicciones, 5(2), 1-7.


Introduction: Substance use is a problem that requires prevention strategies since childhood. It has been noticed that certain personality traits can play an important role in substance use in adolescence and early adulthood. It is essential to study the factors associated with substance use in order to develop and implement preventive interventions.

Toolkit for Children on Parental Addiction

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When a family member struggles with addiction, the whole family struggles. Children often think it’s their fault; they feel shame, embarrassment, guilt, and loneliness; they may feel invisible. It takes special effort to start important conversations and answer children’s questions. But parents, teachers, caregivers, and other caring adults can comfort children and guide them through difficult moments.

Teen E-Cigarette Use Doubles Since 2017

Data from the 2019 Monitoring the Future Survey of 8th, 10th and 12th graders show alarmingly high rates of e-cigarette use compared to just a year ago, with rates doubling in the past two years. The Monitoring the Future Survey analyses the drug and alcohol use and related attitudes among adolescent students in the US. The increase in e-cigarette use amongst young people is raising a concern about the potential lasting damage vaping can do

Vibrant and Healthy Kids Aligning Science, Practice, and Policy to Advance Health Equity

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Children are the foundation of the United States, and supporting them is a key component of building a successful future. However, millions of children face health inequities that compromise their development, well-being, and long-term outcomes, despite substantial scientific evidence about how those adversities contribute to poor health.

Parent Marijuana Use Associated With Substance Use in Children

New research explores some of the long-term impacts of marijuana use in families. The study revealed that the children of parents who reported marijuana use during their teenage years were significantly more likely to report substance use than the children of those who did not. The results also indicated that children whose parents reported a history of marijuana use later on in adulthood had children slightly more likely to have lower grades and attentional difficulties

Prevention that Works

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School is one of the key environments to discuss with young people the impact of substance use, and deliver evidenced prevention interventions .

It is vital that the messages that are passed on to young people are appropriate and delivered in a meaningful way.

New Regulations to Stop Alcohol Being Advertised Around Children Introduced in Ireland

Ireland has introduced new legislation to reduce child exposure to alcohol advertisements and products. Alcohol advertising in or on public transport, at public transport stations, and within 200 metres of a school, creche, or local authority playground will be prohibited. Cinemas will be banned from advertising alcohol except around films with an 18 age classification. All children’s clothing that promotes alcohol will also be discontinued. Health Minister Simon Harris said: “Studies report consistently that exposure

UK Parents' Drinking Negatively Affects Over a Third of Children

The physical and psychological harm caused by heavy alcohol consumption to the individual drinking is often clear. What is often less obvious, is the damage an individuals alcohol consumption can have to the people around them. A recent study has examined the impact of parental drinking on children. A total of 997 parents and their children completed the surveys that asked questions about levels of parent alcohol consumption, why they were choosing to drink, and