SSA Conference and PhD Symposium


SSA's Conference and PhD Symposium will go ahead this year.

Booking is now open. Due to the ongoing pandemic our Conference will be delivered online.

This event aims to bring together PhD students studying addiction-related topics so they can network, present their work in a low-key, supportive environment and share their experiences – positive and negative. It welcomes full and part-time students, studying in a range of disciplines including social sciences, laboratory sciences and health services research. The day includes presentations from students at various stages in the PhD process and some close to or who have recently submitted their thesis.

Date: Thursday 5th & Friday 6th November
Time: Half-days, from 12.00pm GMT
Closes: 4.30pm GMT, Friday 6th

Delegates’ oral and poster papers are a big part of our Annual Conference. Online submission forms are now open.


  • Oral paper abstracts – Monday 14 September 2020
  • Poster abstracts – Monday 14 September 2020
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