Alcohol Related Brain Damage and Mental Capacity


On the moring of the 9th December we will be holding a webinar on how Alcohol Related Brain-Damage can impact on Mental Capacity and Adult Safeguarding.

The webinar will be presented by Professor Ken Wilson.

Ken has spent much of his working life in the research into depression in older people. From a clinical perspective he has been involved in working with people under the age of 65 suffering from dementia. This field of expertise provided a spring-board for the development of services for people with alcohol related brain damage (ARBD), including Korsakoff ’s syndrome. Apart from running a small NHS team that specialises in the management and cognitive/behavioural rehabilitation of people with severe ARBD, he also works closely with community alcohol treatment services in the recognition and adaptation of services to cater for people with less severe cognitive damage. 

This workshop is part of Alcohol Change UK's national project on Safeguarding Vulnerable Dependent Drinkers. The aim of this project is to ensure that legal frameworks such as the Mental Capacity Act, the Care Act and the Mental Health Act are being used to protect and support vulnerable dependent drinkers.