Alcohol Related Brain Damage and Mental Capacity


On the moring of the 9th December we will be holding a webinar on how Alcohol Related Brain-Damage can impact on Mental Capacity and Adult Safeguarding.

The webinar will be presented by Professor Ken Wilson.

Chronic Alcohol Consumption Alters Extracellular Space Geometry and Transmitter Diffusion in the Brain

S. De Santis, A. Cosa-Linan, R. Garcia-Hernandez, L. Dmytrenko, L. Vargova, I. Vorisek, S. Stopponi, P. Bach, P. Kirsch, F. Kiefer, R. Ciccocioppo, E. Sykova, D. Moratal, W. H. Sommer, S. Canals, Chronic alcohol consumption alters extracellular space geometry and transmitter diffusion in the brain. Sci. Adv. 6, eaba0154 (2020).
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Already moderate alcohol consumption has detrimental long-term effects on brain function. However, how alcohol produces its potent addictive effects despite being a weak reinforcer is a poorly understood conundrum that likely hampers the development of successful interventions to limit heavy drinking.

Alcohol and the Nervous System


The 2020 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Alcohol and the Nervous System will provide a unique forum to bring together a diverse range of young and established alcohol researchers and experts in complementary fields. 

Alcohol and Its Effect on Adolescent Brain Development and Executive Functioning: Some Results from Neuroimaging

Spas JJ, Weyandt L (2015) Alcohol and Its Effect on Adolescent Brain Development and Executive Functioning: Some Results from Neuroimaging. J Alcohol Drug Depend 3:220. doi:10.4172/2329-6488.1000220
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There exists considerable evidence from both human and experimental animals indicating the central nervous systems’ vulnerability to the effects of alcohol exposure. Specifically, alcohol is a known neuroteratogen with especially harmful effect on developing brains. Given many adolescents abuse alcohol and their brains are still developing, this population may be vulnerable to alcohol’s neurotoxic effects.

Prenatal Methadone Exposure Is Associated with Altered Neonatal Brain Development

V.J. Monnelly et al. Prenatal methadone exposure is associated with altered neonatal brain development. NeuroImage: Clinical 18 (2018) 9–14
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Methadone is used for medication-assisted treatment of heroin addiction during pregnancy.

Gambling Activates the Same Brain Pathways as Substance Addiction, New Study Finds

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Problem gambling in the UK is reported to affect around 590,000 people.

The condition can be treated via a range of approaches, including cognitive behavioural therapy and medication.

Published in the journal Translational Psychiatry, a new study carried out by researchers from Imperial College London has found that gambling addiction activates the same brain pathways as drug and alcohol cravings.