Social and Emotional Learning and Prevention in Slovenia


Social and Emotional Learning as a Systemic Prevention Approach, not merely an Intervention

Organized by Slovenia with the support of the International Association of Lions Clubs, the Institute for Research and Development “Utrip”, and the UNODC Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section 

This side events discusses how early relationships are important for physical and emotional regulation and begin with family relationships. Through parental skills programs for parents and children in kindergarten and the first two triads of primary school, children and adults can acquire and effectively use the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to understand and manage emotions through social and emotional learning procedures. Recent findings show that social and emotional learning is of key importance in successful early prevention, and we want to strengthen such an approach in Slovenia as well. We want to more systematically develop the field of early prevention, as we have several stakeholders who are experts in this field. Therefore, the medium-term drug policy plan is to bring together stakeholder activities, design interventions that will be scientifically verified (and recognized as best practices) and provide a systemic approach to prevention at several levels of the educational, social and health system

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