Tobacco Webinar Series: Tobacco Smoking Addiction - From Prevention to Treatment

Islamabad, Pakistan,

As part of World No Tobacco Day 2021, ISSUP would like to invite you to attend the final session in the series of three Webinars focusing on Tobacco Use. The third Webinar will be hosted by ISSUP Pakistan and explore the topic of 'Tobacco Smoking Addiction - From Prevention to Treatment'. 

Time: 4am Pacific Time / 12pm UK Time / 4pm Pakistan Time

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Globally, 942 million men and 175 million women aged 15 or older are current smokers. Tobacco kills up to half of its users, more than 8 million people each year (WHO). Male smoking prevalence is highest in the Asian region. Over 400 million daily smokers live in China (235.9 million male daily smokers), India (90.8 million male daily smokers) and Indonesia (48.9 million male daily smokers) (IHME, GBD 2015 Tobacco Collaborators).

This series of three webinars will acquaint you with all aspects of tobacco use, prevention, and addiction treatment approaches. The focus is to raise awareness on issues around smoking, nicotine, the different “types” and substances that are used, with a view to helping young people. We would like to help people realise that smoking and all forms of tobacco use remain major public health issues.


Beatriz Carlini“Best Practices in Tobacco Cessation Treatment in the US”

Beatriz H. Carlini 
Research Scientist, Cannabis Research and Education Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute (ADAI)
Affiliate Associate Professor and Director, Tobacco Studies Program, School of Public Health, Health Services, University of Washington

Jeff Lee"Issues for the Prevention of Smoking Behavior"

Jeff Lee
Senior Consultant, International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP)
Former Executive Director of ISSUP and Mentor International and Consultant to UNODC and WHO

Natalia Zachartzi"Smoking? Not for us! - A Smoking Prevention Handbook for Children Aged 10 to 12 Years Old"

Natalia Zachartzi, MSc
Social Worker, Scientific Director of the Prevention Centres SEIRIOS
Board Member, ISSUP Greece

Tribowo T Ginting"Tobacco Smoking Addiction - From Prevention to Treatment"

Dr. Tribowo T Ginting
Addiction Psychiatry Consultant
Head of Psychiatric Medical Staff Group, Persahabatan General Hospital, Jakarta

Saima Asghar"Tobacco Use: Current Trends in Pakistan"

Saima Asghar
Director, ISSUP Pakistan
General Secretary, M A Jinnah Foundation (Regd)
Executive Director, New Life Rehab Center, Sialkot-Pakistan


This Webinar is part of a Series on Tobacco Use. Please find below the links to the other two Webinars taking place:

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