Eliminating hepatitis C in prisons: Lessons from the SToP-C study


Eliminating hepatitis C in prisons will be a crucial setting if World Health Organization (WHO) elimination targets are to be achieved. For World Hepatitis Day, we’ll hear from experts about the evidence that treatment as prevention in prisons works, and how it can be rolled out in Australia to have the most effective impact. Drawing on findings from the Surveillance and treatment of prisoners with hepatitis C (SToP-C) study, the panel will also discuss the importance of integration with drug dependence management. 

The webinar is presented through the ASCEND program grant (Advancing the health or people who use drugs: hepatitis C and drug dependence), a collaboration between UNSW Sydney’s Kirby Instituteand National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), funded by the National Health and Medical Research Centre. 


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