In order to provide a unique contribution to the field of drug demand reduction and offer real value to researchers, policy-makers and practitioners; ISSUP has formed a partnership with Charles University in Prague for an important collaboration in the development of their ADDICTOLOGY Journal. This initiative is to build the access to the Journal which is devoted to publishing peer-reviewed interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scientific reports on psychoactive substance use, research and issues related to drug demand reduction.

ISSUP seeks to become a significant stakeholder and an official strategic partner in the provision of the ADDICTOLOGY Journal. This partnership seeks to provide a unique contribution to the area of drug demand reduction while also providing significant benefit to researchers, health and education professionals as well as to practitioners.

Articles in ADDICTOLOGY Journal range from studies on education, training, prevention treatment, recovery support research, public health interventions, alongside a breadth of research in the substance use field. ISSUP offers a major contribution to the international drug demand reduction community by providing relevant information, knowledge and research findings that will enable drug demand reduction professionals, policy-makers, practitioners—and of course ISSUP members—to be better equipped to promote, undertake, and support high quality, evidence-based and ethical policy and practice with respect to substance use issues.

ISSUP is particularly keen to promote the transfer of international research into practice and is dedicated to make the Journal’s inputs relevant and accessible to practitioners. This collaboration between ISSUP and Charles University in providing the ADDICTOLOGY Journal continually supports translation of science to practice and policy. This partnership is devoted to make substance use research accessible and content available for all who access the Journal with no limitations and registration requirements.

Each edition of the Journal will have a section from ISSUP to keep readers informed about its events, scientific contributions, conferences, trainings, news, membership, and national chapters.

ISSUP welcomes and thanks those who have made it possible for it to collaborate on this important initiative of ADDICTOLOGY so that it can become one of the major journals for those working in the drug demand reduction field. While we encourage our members to publish their research in the Journal, we also trust that they will find the material and articles presented in the Journal relevant, accessible, and informative in progressing their professional contributions to this vital area of work.