AddictologyIssue 3/2022
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Melgar, M. I., Usman, A., Rabajante, D. J. L., & Cañedo, F. G. (2022). Online instructor-led pilot course on monitoring and evaluation of substance use prevention interventions and policies: Experiences and perceptions of international participants. Adiktologie, 22(3), 184–192.
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Online Instructor-Led Pilot Course on Monitoring and Evaluation of Substance Use Prevention Interventions and Policies: Experiences and Perceptions of International Participants

INTRODUCTION: As the prevalence of substance use continues to rise all over the world amidst the ongoing pandemic, substance use prevention professionals are challenged to find alternative ways to enhance their knowledge and competence to use the best practices in the field. In the present global health situation, in which running face-to-face training seminars is extremely difficult, the most feasible option is through online learning. The aim of this study is to explore how the different aspects of a substance use prevention online course affected the overall effectiveness of the programme. 

METHODS: A mixed-methods design was used in the study. A pre- and post-course test, as well as a Satisfaction Survey, was administered and statistically analysed. Two focus group discussions (FGDs) were conducted online via Zoom with 14 international participants out of the total of 30 participants who attended the pilot online course. The FGDs were transcribed and analysed according to themes and sub-themes.

RESULTS: The analysis of the pre- and post-test scores revealed a significant difference in scores among those who took the course. The evaluation scores for the content and delivery of the learning sessions were above average, with a high mean of three out of a maximum score of four. Three major themes emerged in the FGDs. These were enabling factors, barriers affecting learning, and recommendations for improvement.

CONCLUSIONS: This study provided a holistic quantitative and qualitative assessment of essential aspects of the transformed virtual course on evaluating and monitoring substance use prevention interventions. It also identified aspects of the course which need further improvement and enhancement.

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