AddictologyIssue 3/2022
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Považanová, B., Dolejš, M., Petr, K., Suchá, J., & Pipová, H. (2022). Test of impulsivity in adolescence. Adiktologie, 22(3), 194–203.
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Test of Impulsivity in Adolescence

BACKGROUND: Adolescence is one of the most important stages in a human life. This period is full of different stimuli and types of influence – from parents, peers, and society. It is related to greater susceptibility to problematic behaviour and to impulsivity. Because of that it is important to explore the topic of impulsivity and impulsive behaviour.

METHODS: This study addresses impulsivity in adolescents using a Czech questionnaire survey method, the Scale of Impulsivity Dolejš & Skopal (SIDS). It also empirically verifies the functionality of the scale and points out its psychometric qualities. The research involved 13,676 adolescent participants aged 11–19. The sample consisted of schoolchildren attending years 6–9 (ISCED 2) of what is called in Czech ‘basic school’ a term that will be used throughout the text and students of general and specialized secondary schools (ISCED 3).

RESULTS: The SIDS questionnaire data collected was subsequently subjected to statistical processing. We used Item Response Theory analysis, which depicted items that did not function correctly, and method revision was suggested. Confirmatory factor analysis demonstrated that the shorter version has a good factor structure and reliability. The raw score differences between age, sex, and schools were assessed with linear models.

CONCLUSION: This research can help to understand the importance of research in the field of impulsivity. It introduces the new shorter version of the questionnaire of the Scale of Impulsivity Dolejš & Skopal (SIDS). A better understanding of this topic can help with the prevention of impulsive behaviour.

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