AddictologyIssue 3/2023
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Pilíková, D., Šimůnek, J., & Zvěřina, O. (2023). Selected lifestyle factors of candidate sperm donors and their effect on spermiogram values in the Moravian part of the czech republic. Study protocol. Adiktologie, 23(3), 251–254.
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Selected Lifestyle Factors of Candidate Sperm Donors and Their Effect on Spermiogram Values in the Moravian Part of the Czech Republic. Study Protocol


Male infertility affects nearly 14% of men in Europe, and approximately 44% of them are unaware of the cause of their infertility. Thanks to the plentitude of research, we can now clearly define the risk factors that negatively affect semen quality, including substance abuse. The research objective seeks to determine whether these risk factors are present in candidate sperm donors in the clinics of reproductive medicine in the Moravian region and how they influence their spermiogram (SPG) values.


The lifestyle of candidate sperm donors will be monitored by a self-assessment questionnaire asking about dietary habits, physical activity, abusive behaviour including smoking habits, and alcohol and drug use. The SPG values will be evaluated according to the WHO manual from 2010. Moreover, the contents of potentially toxic elements in the seminal fluid will be determined using atomic absorption spectrometry.


Although the candidate sperm donors are young and healthy men aged 18–35, not everyone is classified as the normozoospermic, a prerequisite of acceptance into the donor program.


The study will provide the specific profile of lifestyle habits, including abusive behaviour in candidate sperm donors. The results will be published in a peerreviewed journal. We will be able to identify potential risk factors of lifestyle habits that negatively affect the quality of semen and thus increase the possibility of accepting young men into the donor programme.

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