Online and Free Course: Parents in Prevention

New classes are being opened for the online course Parents in Prevention,which aims to help families, health professionals and guardians of children and adolescents to prevent drug use. It is an introductory training with a workload of 20 hours, which entitles to a certificate of completion issued by SEDS / EDESP and is offered online through a distance learning platform, via the Internet. The course is structured in video lessons and allows interaction through a

UNODC Trained Treatment and Care Professionals Providing Valuable Support to People with Drug Use Disorders in Bukhara Region of Uzbekistan during COVID-19

Introduction of the quarantine measures in Bukhara Region, Uzbekistan made it extremely difficult to provide drug dependence treatment services to the population of the region. This negatively affected the quality of life of people with drug use disorders (PWDUD) and of their families, and in many cases led to a relapse of drug use disorders in patients. In order to avoid collapse in this area and prevent worsening of the situation there was an urgent

UNODC webinar on good practices in mental health care in Ecuadorian residential centers in context of COVID-19

Measures taken to contain the COVID-19 health crisis brought additional challenges for mental health professionals to continue providing residential services in Ecuador. In this context, the framework of the menu of services signed by the Government of Ecuador and UNODC was managed to articulate and develop an exchange of good practices in a virtual way. On Thursday, May 21, 2020, for almost two hours, Spanish mental health experts presented their learnings on best practices for

UNODC webinar on good practices in mental health care in Ecuadorian residential centers in context of COVID-19

Measures taken to contain the COVID-19 health crisis brought additional challenges for mental health professionals to continue providing residential services in Ecuador. In this context, the framework of the menu of services signed by the Government of Ecuador and UNODC was managed to articulate and develop an exchange of good practices in a virtual way. On Thursday, May 21, 2020, for almost two hours, Spanish mental health experts presented their learnings on best practices for

UNODC Prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation Section: Questionnaire on COVID-19 and Drug Use Disorder Treatment Services

The Prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation Section (PTRS) of UNODC developed a questionnaire to gather insights into the current challenges and responses to COVID-19 and the continuity of drug treatment services. The questionnaire is intended for treatment service providers and it looks at the impact of the delivery of treatment services and the measures of adaptation to the COVID-19 crisis, specifically what has been done in different places that have proven useful for service continuity. PTRS

Drug Use and COVID-19 in Prisons: First Clinic Dedicated to the Treatment of People Living in Prisons with Opioid Use Disorders in Kenya

In 2018, Mombasa planned to set up a methadone programme for heroin injecting drug users living in prisons. As a follow up, UNODC worked together with the County of Mombasa and the Kenya Prison Service in 2019, to support and expand Medically Assisted Therapy (MAT) service provision to the prison population. Understanding that people in prison settings who use MAT services in the public-dedicated clinic could be unnecessarily put at risk of infection, and in

Physical Activity and Substance Use Disorders and Wellbeing

Listed below are two newly published papers and previously published news articles/blogs addressing the role of exercise, physical activity and sport in managing and preventing substance use disorders and promoting wellbeing. The first new article was published in the Journal of Prescribing and Medicines Management and examined the theoretical basis for prescribing physical activity to improve the mental and physical health of people using drugs. This article also provides practical advice on how to deliver

Training on Drug Prevention in Conjunction with 23rd Session of the Commission of Narcotic Drugs (CND 2-6 March 2020 in Vienna, Austria

Mr. Kasirye Rogers attended a meeting on drug prevention in conjunction with the 23rd Sessions of the Commission of Narcotic Drugs (CND 2-6 March, 2020 in Vienna Austria). It was organized by Drug Free America Foundation Inc., a world drug abuse prevention leader with over five divisions in drug abuse policy work. The focus of the meeting was to get an opportunity to share our concerns and views at several meetings alongside the CND, network

Mental-Health Physicians and Psychotherapists Teamed Up to Provide Support to the Population of Kazakhstan

In today’s conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic and necessary quarantine measures taken by the Government of Kazakhstan psychosocial support and assistance, as well as self-education of stress management, supportive communication with each other and expert advice often become a necessity. In this regard the Republican Scientific-practical Centre on Mental Health – a main partner of the UNODC global project GLOJ71 – “Treating drug dependence and its health consequences: Treatnet II” – initiated the establishment of

Insights on the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic and Substance Use Disorders in Kenya

The UNODC Kenya mentor has participated at the webinar on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and Substance Use Disorders in Kenya on Friday, 15 May 2020. Together with Hussein Manji, Public Health Consultant at UNODC ROEA, the mentor outlines UNODC's support in the COVID-19 response among the most vulnerable groups, such as people who use drugs and who are affected by substance use disorders, people living with HIV and people living in prisons. The webinar

"A Pandemic Within a Pandemic"- How Covid-19 Is Increasing Substance Abuse

In response to the global pandemic, people around the world have adjusted their ways of life. Governments have imposed restrictions on the time people can spend with one another, forcing people to find alternative means of communication and connection. For people who use drugs or people who are going through recovery, this period of time is particularly challenging as opportunities for support and contact are reduced. In this article Tim Ryan, addiction expert, describes his

When COVID-19 and Opioid Addiction Collide

We are witnessing, arguably, the greatest public health issue of our time. However, that is not to say the public health concerns that were present before the pandemic have disappeared. Opioid addiction and opioid-related deaths continue to cause great harm to society. This article discusses the way these two critical issues are interacting and causing damage to particularly vulnerable groups of people. The author describes how social determinants- the conditions in which people are born

NIDA Director Outlines Potential Risks to People Who Smoke and Use Drugs During COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. However, those with underlying medical problems are more likely to develop serious illness. In this article Dr. Volkow discusses how the serious health risks of COVID-19 pose unique challenges to people who smoke or vape, are already struggling with substance use disorders

Organizações lançam Campanha #VapeVicia #VapeMata

Fundação do Câncer, ACT, AMB, SBPT e outras instituições da área de saúde divulgam nota sobre pesquisa francesa que defende o uso da nicotina no combate ao novo coronavírus e lançam campanha #VapeVicia para alertar que fumantes, usuários de cigarros eletrônicos e narguilés têm quadro agravado quando contaminados pelo COVID-19. A Organização Mundial da Saúde (OMS) alerta para ampliação do risco de contágio por COVID-19 entre fumantes, usuários de cigarros eletrônicos e narguilés. Embora as

A bebida alcoólica e a pandemia do coronavírus

*Por Dr. Mário Sérgio Sobrinho O uso de drogas, entre elas, o álcool, é assunto mundialmente importante, tanto que a Organização das Nações Unidas (ONU), ao definir os “17 Objetivos para Transformar nosso Mundo”, considerou essencial “assegurar uma vida saudável e promover o bem-estar, em todas as idades” fixando como uma das ações importantes “reforçar a prevenção e o tratamento do abuso de substâncias, incluindo o abuso de drogas entorpecentes e uso nocivo do álcool.[1]”

MARC PhD Scholarships 2020

The Monash Addiction Research Centre (MARC) is offering scholarships to domestic students who wish to undertake the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on alcohol and other drug-related projects that align with MARC’s core Workplan areas: Understanding pharmaceutical opioid-related harm or Alcohol use and young people The scholarship amount awarded to full-time PhD students is $29,000 per annum. PhD Scholarship duration is three years maximum. In addition, up to $10,000 will be available as a competitive MARC

Alcohol Change UK Grants Programme & Research Strategy

Alcohol Change UK have opened a new grants programme alongside a research strategy [pdf] outlining its funding priorities and plans for 2020 to 2023. The New Horizons grants programme is now open with the first round of grants focused on developing a greater understanding of 'Groups, Communities and Alcohol Harm', particularly those that focus on: Groups, sub-groups and communities that are subject to stigma, discrimination or structural disadvantage by society at large or by the

Press Statement - Substance Use Prevention and Treatment in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ref: ISSUPNC/01/ADM/VOL.1/004 May 11, 2020 PRESS RELEASE SUBSTANCE USE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT IN THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC We are an umbrella group of professionals dedicated to the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders among Nigerians. With over 14 million people who use different psychoactive substances in Nigeria, the burden of substance use is great and concerted efforts are required to reverse the worsening rate of substance use problems in the country. The COVID-19 pandemic has

Rehabilitasi NAPZA dan Pandemi COVID-19 di Indonesia

Sejak kasus pertama COVID-19 ditemukan di Indonesia dan secara resmi diumumkan oleh Presiden Republik Indonesia Joko Widodo pada tanggal 2 Maret 2020, kemudian pada tanggal 11 Maret 2020 World Health Organisation (WHO) menyatakan bahwa wabah COVID-19 adalah suatu pandemi, kasus demi kasus muncul dan berkembang hingga di kisaran 250 hingga 350 kasus baru setiap harinya[1] di Indonesia. Walaupun untuk kebanyakan orang dengan sistem imunitas normal, COVID-19 mungkin tidak membawa dampak yang cukup parah melihat angka

The Cost of Opioid Use to Australia

A recent study, published by the National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) at Curtin University in Perth, has estimated that the illegal use of heroin and the misuse of pharmaceutical opioids is costing Australia around $15.7 billion and causing more than 2200 deaths a year. This is a significant increase from the previous record that was collected in 2007. Professor Steve Allsop commented: “Extra-medical use of opioids is likely to result in adverse outcomes that require

Alcohol Sales Ban in South Africa

Countries around the world have been introducing measures to reduce the harm of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although most countries are calling on individuals to avoid public gatherings and be mindful of social distancing, several countries have introduced tighter restrictions on other aspects of life. Soon after there were signs of COVID-19 in South African, the government implemented an alcohol sales ban as part of its public health response. Alcohol has a heavy burden on public

Social distancing? Stay calm and manage stress

This is a stressful time. You have to take care of yourself in order to support your children. You're not alone Millions of people have the same fears as us. Look for someone you can talk to about how you're feeling. Listen to them. Avoid social media that can make you feel panicked. Pause to relax We all need a break once in a while. When your kids are asleep, do something fun and relaxing

WHO Statement: Tobacco Use and COVID-19

Tobacco smoking is a known risk factor for many respiratory difficulties. A review of studies by public health experts convened by WHO on 29 April 2020 found that smokers are more likely to develop severe disease with COVID-19, compared to non-smokers. Following the review, the WHO has released a statement that explains the elevated risk. The article outlines potential smoking reduction and cessasion intervention programmes.

Full Tuition Scholarship to the Virtual 49th Summer Clinical Institute in Addictions Studies 2020

The University of California San Diego, School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, is honored to award you with a full tuition scholarship to the virtual 49th Summer Clinical Institute in Addictions Studies 2020. You will have a chance to interact and learn from the world leading experts , scientists, practitioners and policy makers in the area of Substance Use Disorders. We would like to thank the Scaife Family Foundation for their continues support of the