October 10 - Mental Health Day

Mental illnesses have grown worldwide and are already among the leading causes of disability in the 21st century. Especially depression, seen as a factor at the highest risk of suicide worldwide. World Mental Health Day is celebrated on October 10.

Mental health means being well with yourself and others, in addition to accepting life's events, controlling emotions and recognizing personal limits. However, the use of alcoholic beverages and drugs can cause harm to this well-being.

In the case of alcohol, for example, damage can occur in memory and increase as the dose increases. When too much alcohol is ingested, especially on an empty stomach, it can trigger partial memory loss and intoxication of the body.  Alcohol users reveal a more chronic, continuous, lifelong illness.

In the case of other drugs, the central nervous system, which is responsible for receiving and transmitting all information to the body, is altered, which can generate problematic behaviors for the user and for everyone around him. To avoid these addictions, cultivate positive feelings in your life, combined with good habits, physical activities and leisure.