Even at a distance, Alcoholics Anonymous is a key help

Alcoholics Anonymous: distance meetings attract hundreds of people

Even with the restrictions caused by the pandemic, Alcoholics Anonymous were able to adapt to the circumstances and did not interrupt their basic service: helping alcoholics who wish to stop drinking.

Since March 23, 2020, the Alcoholics Anonymous website – AA – offers daily virtual meetings, which have so far had more than 21,000 individual participations. During this period, just over 500 people with problems in their way of drinking joined the brotherhood. About 40% of these tickets are from women, and most are from young adults.

To mark the date, this march 23, 2021, the virtual room will be open from 18:00 to 22:30, with subsequent meetings, without intervals between each other. Not only problem drinkers can participate, but also family members, professionals and students interested in getting to know better the functioning of AA.

There are also virtual meetings offered by AA groups and service bodies, throughout Brazil and around the world. The site has a listing with the links of these meetings.

  • AA official website: www.aa.org.br
  • Daily virtual meeting on the site (EVERY DAY at 20h00):


  • Links from other virtual AA meetings in Brazil:


We believe that, after the immunization of the population, the face-to-face meetings of the approximately 5,000 groups will return with renewed force, possibly incorporating part of the current service in virtual environment, always in accordance with the principles that guide the performance of our brotherhood in more than 80 years of life.



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Source: AA - Alcoholics Anonymous