Webinar: Authentic Self-Care for Addiction Professionals


Many of us are drawn to addiction work due to our history, family, and personal traits, such as compassion and empathy. While these experiences and strengths can be great assets, they can also be detrimental without care and awareness. In this webinar, we identify healthy and unhealthy traits, how we can care for ourselves, and what authentic self-care looks like. We have been told of the importance of self-care but what does that mean for us? We identify our personal challenges, triggers, and needs in order to create authentic self-care plans. Caring for yourself will benefit your family, those you work with, and of course, you! Codependent and related tendencies can be successfully combatted with awareness, self-care, and other supports.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify codependent and related characteristics
  • Become familiar with authentic self-care
  • Learn how to create an authentic self-care plan

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