EDPQS Toolkit 3: Training

Created by
European Drug Prevention Quality Standards Partnership

The European Drug Prevention Quality Standards have been EDPQS Toolkit 3: Trainingestablished to provide a comprehensive set of criteria to help users learn how to recognise 'high quality' prevention activities, outline the necessary structurally and procedural aspects of high-quality prevention, and support strategies to develop implement, and review effective evidence-based practice.

EDPQS Toolkit 3 is intended for those wishing to provide training on quality standards in prevention. The Toolkit allows trainers to utilise existing knowledge and materials relating to training on EDPQS, instead of having to develop new materials from scratch.

Toolkit 3 is of particular value if you wish to:

  • Show others how to use quality standards when planning and reviewing drug prevention activities
  • Develop ideas on how to deliver training on quality standards in an interactive and engaging way
  • Benefit from ready-prepared materials, including presentation slides, handouts and evaluation questionnaires
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