Call to Participate in the EUSPR ECF and the ECF Committee

The European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR) promotes the development of prevention science, and its application to practice so as to promote human health and well-being through high quality research, evidence based interventions, policies and practices.

EUSPR are cordially inviting you to participate in the EUSPR ECF and the ECF Committee, in the following areas:

  • ECF Communication (e.g., develop, design and disseminate EC communication for the EUSPR newsletter, prevention-related organisations in Europe)
  • ECF Conference (e.g., develop, monitor, document and support EC events at the annual conference)
  • ECF Blog (e.g., write articles for the blog concerning personal research questions, current issues in (prevention) policy and research or develop innovative concepts and formats)
  • ECF Training (e.g., develop webinars, invite speakers, support the coordination and dissemination of ECF webinars)

You need to be a member to join the ECF. ECF participants are required to join the EUSPR if they would like to take an active role within the ECF.

If you are interested to support the ECF in these areas and, perhaps, to join the ECF Committee, please send an email stating your areas of interest and a short letter of motivation and CV to Dr. Samuel Tomczyk 

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