Alternatives to Imprisonment for Drug Users

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ISSUP Webinars

ISSUP India, in collaboration with ISSUP, organized a webinar on alternatives to incarceration for persons with substance use disorders and opportunities for interventions along the justice system. The webinar brought together a panel of experts who provided insights into the alternatives at all justice system sectors, the research on the efficacy of treatment for justice involved clients with substance use disorders and a judicial perspective on implementing alternatives to incarceration throughout the justice system.

Welcome & Opening:

Satbhan Singh
Communications, SPYM India 


1. “The Justice System Sectors as Opportunities for Interventions”

Melody Heaps, 
President Emeritus, TASC INC 
President, MMH & Associates
Chair, ISSUP

2. “Treatment of Justice Involved Clients with Substance Use Disorders – How to Make it Work?”

Igor Koutsenok, 
University of California San Diego, Department of Psychiatry Director, Center for Criminality & Addiction Research, Training & Application 
Director, International Technology Transfer Center - Ukraine
Vice President, International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction

3. “The Judicial Perspective of Implementing Alternatives to Incarceration throughout the System”

Michele Worobiec,
Justice Consultant 
President, NAMSDL National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws

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