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The Role of Public Organisations in Providing Assistance to Users of Psychoactive Substances: The Experience of Ukraine

ISSUP Ukraine are excited to present their Webinar on the role of public organizations in providing assistance to users of psychoactive substances, specifically focusing on the experience of Ukraine for the last 10 years.



1. "Implementation of technology transfer model in Ukraine to empower addiction treatment workforce."

Yulia Yachnik, University Clinic of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Doctor psychologist.


2. “Cooperation between Peace Corps PEPFAR Ukraine and local NGOs on development of a support system for PWIDs.”

Viktoriya Zhukova  - PEPFAR Program Manager U.S. Peace Corps in Ukraine

Ella Sokoliuk - Public Health Specialist for HIV/AIDS Key Populations U.S. Peace Corps in Ukraine


3. "Development of Services for People who use Psychoactive Substances in Ukraine"

Dr. Vyacheslav Kushakov, Founding Member & Senior Adviser, Alliance for Public Health


4. "Drug Awareness in Penal Institutions"

Alla Shut, psychologist, Head of Charitable Foundation Vita Valens, national consultant of Council of Europe

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