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Tobacco Webinar Series: New Electronic Smoking Devices - What's the Difference?

ISSUP would like to present the second session in the three-part Webinar series focusing on Tobacco Use. This Webinar asks the question 'New Electronic Smoking Devices - What's the Difference?'

Globally, 942 million men and 175 million women aged 15 or older are current smokers. Tobacco kills up to half of its users, more than 8 million people each year (WHO). Male smoking prevalence is highest in the Asian region. Over 400 million daily smokers live in China (235.9 million male daily smokers), India (90.8 million male daily smokers) and Indonesia (48.9 million male daily smokers) (IHME, GBD 2015 Tobacco Collaborators).

This series of three webinars will acquaint you with all aspects of tobacco use, prevention, and addiction treatment approaches. The focus is to raise awareness on issues around smoking, nicotine, the different “types” and substances that are used, with a view to helping young people. We would like to help people realise that smoking and all forms of tobacco use remain major public health issues.


Jonathan Foulds”Electronic Cigarettes: What does the scientific evidence tell us?”

Jonathan Foulds, PhD
Professor of Public Health Sciences, Psychiatry & Behavioral Health, Penn State University, College of Medicine

Kawkab Shishani“Health Risks of E-Cigarettes” 

Dr. Kawkab Shishani
Assistant Professor, Washington State University

Hari Nugroho“The Potential Harm of E-Cigarettes (and Vaping) as an Alternative to Cigarette Smoking”

Hari Nugroho, MD, MSC
Addiction Medicine Physician

Edgardo Ulysses N. Dorotheo“Electronic Smoking Devices: Policy Recommendations and Pitfalls"

Edgardo Ulysses Dorotheo, M.D., F.P.A.O.
Executive Director, Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA)


This Webinar is part of a Series on Tobacco Use. Please find below the links to the other two Webinars:

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