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United Kingdom
family courts
Northern Ireland

Family Drug and Alcohol Courts in Northern Ireland (FDAC)

ISSUP UK are pleased to present their Webinar on the subject of Family Drug and Alcohol Courts in Northern Ireland (FDAC).

The FDAC is one of five problem solving justice initiatives in Northern Ireland. The overarching objective of a recent pilot programme was to establish whether a problem solving approach to care proceedings would lead to better outcomes for families in terms of substance use issues and children remaining within the family.

In practice the FDAC is designed to give families the best chance of overcoming problems linked to drugs or alcohol. Experts attached to the court work with parents to help them overcome their problems while the court case is being decided. They help to develop a support and treatment programme designed to meet the different needs of each family and can appoint a key worker in the team to work directly with parents and arrange the services in their treatment plan.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the NI context for the implementation of a pilot study on FDACs in Northern Ireland.
  • Learn about the next steps for the project and how it will be implemented and evaluated using a co-production approach.


Dr Anne Campbell
Department of social work
Co-director Drug and Alcohol Research Network at QUB,
Programme Director , Masters in Substance Use and Substance Use Disorders @QUB
Co -chair of Recovery Committee,  ACMD UK

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