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Substance use prevention 'back to basics'- Reading list

Earlier this month, Jeff Lee, senior consultant to ISSUP, delivered two webinars that reviewed what prevention of substance abuse entails. The webinars were intended to be a "back to basics” for anyone working in the prevention field that wants to get an overview of what prevention is in an easy to comprehend way. You can access recordings of parts 1 and parts 2 of the ISSUP webinar. 

We have also pulled together a selection of guides, research and tools for further reading. We also encourage you to join the ISSUP prevention network to find more resources and people interested in substance use prevention.

1) This short document, developed by UTRIP and Mentor International, offers recommendations, principles and guidance as to how schools should consider the development of their school-based prevention programmes.

2) Applied Prevention Science International (APSI) has created a range of resources for practitioners. These include prevention nuggets (summaries of topics on prevention science and practice), prevention talks, (online discussions on the current issues within prevention research and practice) and programmes for professional development.

3) This guide, intended for parents, practitioners, and policymakers explores the fundamental principles of prevention and examines risk and protective factors. A brief version is also available. 

4) On this page, you can find a selection of accessible EMCDDA's resources on the topic of prevention including miniguides and toolkits.

5) This handbook, published by UNODC, is designed to support all decision-makers in encouraging youth participation in substance use prevention with a particular focus on how to encourage peer support

6) Here, you can access the International Standards on Drug Use Prevention, jointly published by UNODC and the WHO.

7) ICUDDR and UNODC have recently come together in a joint webinar presentation entitled International Standards on prevention: What Schools Should Know. You can view the recording here.


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