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Call for Presentation - CADCA Mid-Year Training Institute

CADCA is requesting training session proposals addressing the latest research findings, cutting-edge program sucesses, lessons learned or problems solved. Training Sessions should be interactive and engaging and include activities that get participants thinking through practical applications of the content. Please note that training sessions selected from the Call for Presentations will run 90 minutes in length and they will occur on Monday, July 15, 2024. 

This Mid-Year's theme is "Next Level Coaltions, Positive Community Outcomes" and as community change agents, we embrace this philosophy in our work to improve the quality of life in our  communities. High-preforming coalitions are those that have developed broad strategic alliances, implemented proven and promising strategies and achieved population-level change.

As a potential presenter, you are getting a sneak peek at a very exciting new resource we have developed at CADCA. This Mid-Year, we will formally launch CADCA's Core Competencies for Coalitions, and core competencies will be incorporated into the training sessions. In this submission form, you will be asked to select at most 2 core competencies that will be covered in your session as well as at most 2 knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) associated with each core competency.

Not familiar with CADCA's Core Competencies for Coalitions? Throughout the form, you will find definitions for the core competencies and the knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with them. We've also included a core competencies cheat sheetguidelines for writing a session descriptioninstructions for writing learning objectivesa list of the questions available in this form, and several sample workshop applications to guide you in using this new form.


  • All accepted session submissions will be for 90-minute sessions taking place on Monday, July 15, 2024, only.
  • Please be mindful of the order in which you list all presenters. The LEAD PRESENTER (only) for each accepted Call for Presentation will receive:
    • Complimentary Mid-Year Registration
    • Round trip coach airfare to/from Mid-Year, up to $500
    • Lodging (room and taxes only) for one night at the Hilton Chicago Hotel
    • Reimbursement for ground transportation to/from the hotel & baggage fees (up to $150)
  • All additional presenters are required to register at their applicable registration rate. No other reimbursement will be provided to second, third or subsequent presenters.

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