A Collaborative Approach to Addressing Substance Use Among PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) Clients at the Sexual Health Promotion Clinic in Hanoi, Vietnam


1.Mr. Quang Anh Mai (⚑ Vietnam) 1

1. WeCare Social Enterprise, Vietnam



The prevalence of substance use, especially stimulants, among PrEP clients poses a significant public health challenge. To address this, the WeCare Social Enterprise and the Sexual Health Promotion clinic at Hanoi Medical University Hospital have forged a collaborative initiative. This initiative integrates a comprehensive ATS screening and brief intervention within PrEP services to mitigate substance use risks and promote PrEP adherence.


The primary objectives of this collaborative model are to diminish substance use within the PrEP client population, with a particular focus on stimulant misuse and enhance adherence to PrEP regimens by introducing ATS screening and integrated mental health support.

Participant Focus

Our model strategically caters to PrEP clients, with a specific emphasis on key populations including MSM, transgender individuals, and those with a history of synthetic drug use. In 2023, WeCare effectively facilitated the enrollment of 960 new PrEP clients at the SHP Clinic, with 45.25% participating in ATS screening. Notably, 35% disclosed experiences related to substance use, receiving brief intervention, and subsequently, .6% accessed specialized treatment.

Integrated ATS Intervention Process: Aligned with the Substance Use Brief Intervention Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) framework, this involves efficient ATS screening utilizing the ASSIST toolkit, brief interventions for moderate or low-risk clients, and referrals for those with high substance use risk.

Technical Support

Implementation units at PrEP clinics receive comprehensive technical support from the Center for Training and Research on Substance Abuse, HIV, Hanoi Medical University. 

Conclusion and Follow-up

The intervention sessions include introductions, ATS screening, brief interventions, and referrals. Clients are reminded to return for medication, and information is meticulously logged into Redcap for thorough record-keeping.


This collaborative model represents a pioneering approach to seamlessly integrate substance use intervention within PrEP services. 

Keywords: Collaborative model, substance use intervention, PrEP services, ATS screening, SBIRT framework, key populations, public health.

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