Voices of ISSUP - Wendy Achieng Gaya Waithaka, Day 4, 18:04-18:24

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Wendy Achieng Gaya Waithaka
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Presented as part of the Uniting the global community to face the challenge of addiction event, online, on 15th May, 2022




Voices of ISSUP - Wendy Achieng Gaya Waithaka

Voices of ISSUP

ISSUP members share their inspiring stories of work within the drug demand reduction field.

Alcohol & Human Rights

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Institute of Alcohol Studies Institute of Alcohol Studies
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The Institute of Alcohol Studies presents Seminar Four in its four-part series on alcohol and sustainability. Seminar Four explored workers’ rights for alcohol industry employees in the developing world; industry practices in Africa, including female promotional workers’ rights and their risk of sexual harassment and assault; gender and health inequality; and how human rights litigation can be used as a last resort control policy

The cardiovascular risks and benefits of quit smoking medicines

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In this presentation, the speakers reported the results of a series of three population-based cohort studies relating to the use and effects of smoking cessation pharmacotherapies. The first of these studies provided evidence on how the three smoking cessation pharmacotherapies available in Australia (nicotine replacement therapy, varenicline and bupropion) compare to each other in terms of cardiovascular safety.