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Wine Glass Size and Wine Sales

Clarke, Natasha, Rachel Pechey, Mark Pilling, Gareth J. Hollands, Eleni Mantzari, and Theresa M. Marteau. "Wine glass size and wine sales: four replication studies in one restaurant and two bars." BMC research notes 12, no. 1 (2019): 426.

Excessive alcohol consumption is a continuous global public health concern.

It is believed that glass size can influence pouring behaviour, with larger glasses resulting in more alcohol being poured into them, and also by influencing perceptions of volume, with the same volume of alcohol being perceived as less when poured into larger compared with smaller glasses.

Prenatal Alcohol Screening During Pregnancy by Midwives and Nurses

Chiodo, L. M., Cosmian, C. , Pereira, K. , Kent, N. , Sokol, R. J. and Hannigan, J. H. (2019), Prenatal Alcohol Screening During Pregnancy by Midwives and Nurses. Alcohol Clin Exp Re. doi:10.1111/acer.14114
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Alcohol use during pregnancy can have a variety of harmful consequences on the fetus. Lifelong effects include growth restriction, characteristic facial anomalies, and neurobehavioral dysfunction. This range of effects is known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). There is no amount, pattern, or timing of alcohol use during pregnancy proven safe for a developing embryo or fetus.

Alcohol Country Fact Sheets

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World Health Organisation
The 30 country fact sheets for EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland present data on consumption, consequence, and policy implementation for the year 2016, aiming to give guidance to national decision-makers for further priority-setting in the field of alcohol and public health.

A Public Health Approach to Alcohol Use and its Related Harms in Iran

Shokoohi, Mostafa, Afarin Rahimi-Movaghar, Alireza Noroozi, and Mohammad Karamouzian. "A public health approach to alcohol use and its related harms in Iran." The Lancet Public Health 4, no. 4 (2019): e175-e176.
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In Iran, alcohol consumption, production, and trade are criminalised for Muslim citizens; however, bootleg alcohol and harmful alcohol consumption is a burden that should not be overlooked.

Seminar Presentation: Ecological Momentary Assessment of Alcohol Use

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National Drug and Alcohol Research
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The majority of existing knowledge on patterns of alcohol consumption is based on retrospective-recall methodologies.

These are cost-efficient and convenient but are limited in their capacity to record data on the circumstances of alcohol consumption as they emerge in time and space.