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Alcohol Change UK Grants Programme & Research Strategy

Alcohol Change UK have opened a new grants programme alongside a research strategy [pdf] outlining its funding priorities and plans for 2020 to 2023. The New Horizons grants programme is now open with the first round of grants focused on developing a greater understanding of 'Groups, Communities and Alcohol Harm', particularly those that focus on: Groups, sub-groups and communities that are subject to stigma, discrimination or structural disadvantage by society at large or by the

Minimum Unit Pricing

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Alcohol Drug Foundation
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One way to deter people from consuming excessive and harmful amounts of alcohol is through alcohol pricing policies. One such policy is the Minimum Unit Pricing.

Several countries, including Scotland, Canada, certain states of the USA, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, have adopted different forms of Minimum Unit Pricing. 

Modelling the Impact of Alcohol Duty Policies Since 2012 in England & Scotland

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Institute of Alcohol Studies

In 2008 the UK introduced a ‘duty escalator’ which meant alcohol duties (government tax collected by HM Customs and Excise) would rise by 2% above inflation each year until 2012. However, since then the preceding governments have abolished the duty escalator and alcohol duties have been cut or frozen.

The 6th Global Alcohol Policy Conference

Dublin, Ireland,

The 6th Global Alcohol Policy Conference 2020 (GAPC 2020) will be held in Dublin, Ireland 9-11 March 2020.

GAPC is the leading forum for the world’s alcohol policy makers, advocates, researchers, civil society activists and practitioners. 

May Student Membership Update

In our second Student Membership Update we have sourced some funding and research opportunities, and events that we are sure will be of interest. One great way to be more active in this field is to join ISSUP as a member and to contribute to our Knowledge Share and Forum. PhD Opportunities Alcohol Policy and Science The University of York is offering a PhD Studentship in the Department of Health Sciences, The Transformative Research on

Alcohol and Mental Health: Policy and Practice in England

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Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS); Centre for Mental Health
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Many people who misuse alcohol also have a mental health difficulty, and many people with mental health problems also misuse alcohol. Yet few get effective help from either alcohol or mental health services. National policies relating to alcohol make scant reference to mental health, while national mental health policies pay little regard to alcohol.

The International Alcohol Control Study: Methodology and Implementation

Huckle, T. , Casswell, S. , Mackintosh, A. , Chaiyasong, S. , Viet Cuong, P. , Morojele, N. , Parry, C. , Meier, P. , Holmes, J. , Callinan, S. , Piazza, M. , Kazantseva, E. , Bayandorj, T. , Gray‐Philip, G. , Haliday, S. , Chun, S. , Welch, M. , Graydon‐Guy, T. and Parker, K. (2018), The International Alcohol Control Study: Methodology and implementation. Drug Alcohol Rev.. . doi:10.1111/dar.12650
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Introduction and Aims

The International Alcohol Control (IAC) Study is a multi‐country collaborative project to assess patterns of alcohol consumption and the impact of alcohol control policy. The aim of this paper is to report the methods and implementation of the IAC.

The Alcohol Environment Protocol: A New Tool for Alcohol Policy

Casswell, S. , Morojele, N. , Williams, P. P., Chaiyasong, S. , Gordon, R. , Gray‐Philip, G. , Viet Cuong, P. , MacKintosh, A. , Halliday, S. , Railton, R. , Randerson, S. and Parry, C. D. (2018), The Alcohol Environment Protocol: A new tool for alcohol policy. Drug Alcohol Rev.. . doi:10.1111/dar.12654
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Introduction and Aim

To report data on the implementation of alcohol policies regarding availability and marketing, and drink driving, along with ratings of enforcement from two small high‐income to three high‐middle income countries, and one low‐middle income country.