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Alcohol and the Outbreak: Free Webinar


The coronavirus outbreak has created radically new conditions for everyone, including those working to reduce alcohol harm.

They pose profound new challenges, while changing the social and economic drivers of harm, perhaps not always for the worse.

Expert speaker will seed a free-flowing group discussion of a vast and rapidly evolving topic.

Alcohol Use, Alcohol Dependence and Mental Health Conditions

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Several key risk factors for noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) have been identified, including the harmful use of alcohol.

Half the world’s population drinks alcohol, and harmful alcohol use is the third leading cause of ill health and premature death globally. WHO’s European Region is the region with the highest levels of alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm.

The Problematic Relationship Between Youth Anxiety and Later Alcohol Use

Dyer, M. L., Easey, K. E., Heron, J., Hickman, M., & Munafò, M. R. (2019). Associations of child and adolescent anxiety with later alcohol use and disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies (PDF). Addiction, 114(6), 968-982. doi: 10.1111/add.14575

Researchers have continuously debated the link between anxiety and alcohol use. However, despite the previous examination of the direction and strength of the association, the form of the relationship remains unclear.

Commission on Alcohol Harm

The Alcohol Health Alliance UK (AHA) is supporting a Commission on Alcohol Harm, consisting of a panel of varied experts. The Commission on Alcohol Harm has been established to examine the current evidence on alcohol harm, recent trends in alcohol harm and the changes needed to reduce the harm caused by alcohol. The Commission will also examine the need for a new comprehensive UK-wide alcohol strategy. AHA are keen to have input from academic researchers

Alcohol Industry in France Oppose Dry January

The alcohol industry in France have begun their protest against the dry January campaign proposed by the French Health Minister Dr Agnès Buzyn. The campaign is designed to encourage people to abstain from alcohol for one month. It is hoped to encourage reflection on the potential harms of alcohol and the benefits of cutting down drinking. So far, 8 wine companies have openly protested about the proposed campaign, putting forward arguments about alcohol consumption in

Why is Adolescent Drinking Declining?

Rakhi Vashishtha, Michael Livingston, Amy Pennay, Paul Dietze, Sarah MacLean, John Holmes, Rachel Herring, Gabriel Caluzzi & Dan I. Lubman (2019) Why is adolescent drinking declining? A systematic review and narrative synthesis, Addiction Research & Theory, DOI: 10.1080/16066359.2019.1663831

There has been a notable decline in adolescent drinking in developed nations over the past two decades. Understanding the reasons behind this positive downward trend will help professionals support the continuation of this decline into the future.

What is the Link Between Unemployment and Alcohol Use?

Thern, E., Ramstedt, M., and Svensson, J. ( 2019) Long‐term effects of youth unemployment on alcohol‐related morbidity. Addiction,
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Youth unemployment has remained stable at a high-level in many countries over the past several decades.

Over the same period, evidence has emerged which suggests that unemployment can negatively affect an individual’s mental and physical health.

This, in turn, makes unemployment a significant public health issue.