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The purpose of the study is to see whether there is a link between people’s experiences of early negative life events and alcohol use. The role of self-compassion will also be explored. Self-compassion relates to being kind to yourself, accepting that we are all human and make mistakes, being mindful of our own feelings and not judging ourselves too harshly. The survey includes a short series of online questionnaires relating to lifetime alcohol use, self-compassion

Responsible Travels


RESPONSIBLE TRAVELS is an event hosted by Euorocare which will take place on 19 March in Brussels.

Supporting Young People who Hear Voices & Use Drugs or Alcohol

London, United Kingdom,

There has been increasing awareness of the relationship between drugs and hearing voices in young people, but much less is said about what it might be like for a young person who uses drugs and hears voices, and even less about ways to support a young person in this situation.

The Alcohol Change UK Conference 2019


There are many factors which affect alcohol harm including pricing, availability, marketing, treatment accessibility and quality, and drinking cultures. But as well as forming part of the problem these factors offer potential solutions. 

Neighbourhood Density of Alcohol Outlets and Genetic and Environmental Influences on Alcohol Problems

Slutske, Wendy S., Arielle R. Deutsch, and Thomas M. Piasecki. "Neighborhood density of alcohol outlets moderates genetic and environmental influences on alcohol problems." Addiction (2018).
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Gene-environment interactions occur when different surroundings make it more or less likely for a particular trait or disorder to develop.

Children of Alcoholics Week 10-16 February 2019

Children of Alcoholics Week is a campaign to raise awareness of children affected by parental alcohol problems. Children of Alcoholics Week is celebrated internationally each year during the week in which Valentine’s Day falls. There are organisations holding Children of Alcoholics Week activities in the UK , USA , Germany , India, Sweden, Slovenia and Switzerland . Join in the celebrations and increase awareness of this hidden problem and the support available. Find out how