Health Inequality Theory & the ‘Alcohol Harm Paradox’


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Behavioural Science and Public Health Network Annual Conference 2020

Derby, United Kingdom,

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Effects of Early Childhood Education Attendance on Achievement, Social Skills, Behaviour, and Stress

Correia-Zanini, M. R. G., Marturano, E. M., Fontaine, A. M. G. V. (2018). Effects of early childhood education attendance on achievement, social skills, behaviour, and stress. Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas), 35(3), 287-297.
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Childhood EducationThe impact of school attendance on the lives and development of students is hardly overestimated. Children go to school at an increasingly precocious age.

Motivation to Reduce Alcohol Consumption and Subsequent Attempts at Reduction and Changes in Consumption in Increasing and Higher-Risk Drinkers in England

de Vocht, F., Brown, J., Beard, E., West, R., Michie, S., Campbell, R., and Hickman, M. (2018) Motivation to reduce alcohol consumption and subsequent attempts at reduction and changes in consumption in increasing and higher-risk drinkers in England: a prospective population survey. Addiction, doi: 10.1111/add.14132.
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To assess how far motivation to reduce alcohol consumption in increasing and higher-risk drinkers in England predicts self-reported attempts to reduce alcohol consumption and changes in alcohol intake during the following 6 months.