Drugs & Alcohol Treatment and Recovery: Local System Snapshot


Collective Voice invites you to this local 'system snapshot', to hear from people across the treatment and recovery system in London. The event is designed to allow you to voice your opinion and promote discussion about how we can collaborate in the future. 

This event will include a workshop looking at the local response to drug-related deaths.

Planet Youth Conference

Reykjavik, Iceland,

Planet Youth's next conference will be held on the 4th to 6th of March 2020. 

Participants will be provided with an extensive overview of the Planet Youth methodology introduced by the employees of ICSRA. 

Recovery Month 2019

Every September the Recovery Month Campaign aims to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and celebrate the people who recover. Over the years, Recovery Month has promoted and supported new evidence-based treatment and recovery practices, the strong and proud recovery community, and dedication of service providers and community members across the nation who make recovery in all its forms possible. The SAMHSA Recovery Month 2019 theme is Join the Voices for

"It's not that simple" - Adfam's 2019 Conference

London, United Kingdom,

Adfam’s 2019 conference offers the chance to hear from commissioners, practitioners, service managers, influencers, and families affected by substance use.

Building Healthy Communities: Stories of Resilience and Hope


The Mental Health Services (TheMHS) Conference is Australasia’s leading and most diverse mental health conference – and we will be holding our annual conference in Brisbane this August.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Building Healthy Communities: Stories of Resilience and Hope’.

Rights in Recovery

Stirling, United Kingdom,

“Everyone has the right to health and to live free from the harms of alcohol and drugs. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect and dignity and for their individual recovery journey to be fully supported.

Nordic Reform Conference

Oslo, Norway,

Join us in Oslo on 20 – 21 of September 2019 to learn what can be done to minimise the harms caused by both drug use and current drug policies.

The Association for Safer Drug Policies has invited some of the world's leading voices in drug policy reform to share their prevention strategies with the Nordic drug policy community.

Alcohol Change UK’s Annual Conference

Wrexham, United Kingdom,

Alcohol Change UK's 2019 annual conference will take place in Wrexham on Wednesday 18th September 2019.

At this multidisciplinary event, there will be focusing on how to provide the best support for people who might not fit the usual treatment criteria – including some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.