Mortality and life-years lost following subsequent physical comorbidity in people with pre-existing substance use disorders: a national registry-based retrospective cohort study of hospitalised individuals in Czechia

Scientific article
Summary Background Substance use disorders constitute a major global public health problem, attributable largely to their subsequent comorbidity with other health conditions. This study aimed to investigate the risk of all-cause death and...

Comorbidity of mental health and substance use disorders

Overview Mental health problems are very common in those with a substance use disorder, and these patients have more clinically and psychosocially severe problems than patients with substance use disorders without comorbid mental health...

Multiple health behaviour change: Perspectives from the field

Video and audio recordings
Presented by Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin (University of Newcastle), Dr Adrian Dunlop (University of Newcastle / Hunter New England LHD) and Dr Lawrence Dadd (Hunter New England LHD) by the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to...

Heavy Cannabis Use, Dependence and the Brain

Scientific article
Although cannabis use disorder (CUD) is one of the most common substance use disorders (SUDs), the impact of CUD on the brain remains unclear and understudied. In a recent article, published in Addiction journal, researchers from the...

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