Change, Grow, Live Medication-Assisted Treatments Toolkit

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Change, Grow, Live
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Drug-related deaths are the highest they have ever been. We know that medication-assisted treatments (MAT), such as the prescription of methadone and buprenorphine, are our most powerful interventions. Supporting opioid-dependent service users to begin MAT at the earliest and safest opportunity saves lives.

How Can Contingency Management Support Treatment for Substance Use Disorders? A Systematic Review

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European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction
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Rewarding people dependent on illegal drugs for not using those drugs is a controversial tactic, one this report from the European Union’s drug misuse centre found patchily effective in extending retention and reducing substance use as a supplement to medication-based treatments. Read the Effectiveness Bank analysis.

A Randomized, Open Label Trial of Methadone Continuation versus Forced Withdrawal in a Combined US Prison and Jail: Findings at 12 Months Post-Release

Brinkley-Rubinstein L., McKenzie M., Macmadu A. et al. Drug and Alcohol Dependence: 2018, 184, p. 57–63.
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Research carried out in North America has found that offering continued methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) to those entering the prison system can have positive outcomes.

Effectiveness Bank Matrix Cell: Bridging the Chasm; Legal Drug Prescribers Relating to Illegal Drug Users

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Drug and Alcohol Findings
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In 1960s Britain a chasm of opposing agendas and social distance opened up between doctors treating drug addiction and their patients. This cell of the Drug Treatment Matrix examines how bridging such chasms makes treatment more effective.