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Relapse prevention
opioid maintenance

Basics of Pharmacotherapy in SUD Treatment

ISSUP Afghanistan would like to invite you to attend their upcoming webinar on Basics of Pharmacotherapy in SUD treatment. The Webinar will include an introduction and basic information on Pharmacotherapy in substance use treatment for detoxification, relapse prevention, and opioid maintenance. 

This Webinar will be held in Pashto and Dari

Substance abuse including heroin and prescription opioid addictions is a key challenge for Afghanistan health sector. Treatment capacity and service provision is extremely limited and evidence based treatment and quality of treatment needs further attention. Pharmacotherapy, alone or in combination with other components is considered as an evidence-based treatment modality and can play an important role in substance use treatment. Pharmacotherapy is usually misunderstood in Afghanistan among practitioners in treatment field and policy makers. This webinar aims to introduce the basics of pharmacotherapy in three different phases of detoxification, relapse prevention and opioid maintenance. Details will be provided on how this approach can be used alone or in combination with other treatment components and an introduction to medication-assisted therapy (MAT) will be included in the webinar. 

Learning Outcome: 
A better understanding of pharmacotherapy and how they can support treatment goals, pursuit of sobriety and its role in building a solid recovery


1. 'Pharmacotherapy in Detoxification'
Dr. Khalida Sharifi, 
Drug Treatment Center Coordinator WADAN

2. 'Pharmacotherapy in Relapse Prevention'
Dr. Farida Bazger,
Consultant and Trainer, Khatiz Organization for Rehabilitation (KOR) Afghanistan National Master Trainer

3. 'Pharmacotherapy for Opioid Maintenance'
Dr. Irshad Mansoor,
ISSUP Afghanistan President

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